Starting the diet (originally written 11/27/07)

Yesterday I went to Mother’s Market and bought lots of gluten-free/casein-free-friendly items, like gluten-free (GF) all purpose baking mix, white rice flour, GF cereal, and casein-free (CF) vanilla rice milk. Today was Nate’s first full GFCF day. It went well until tonight, when we were over at Ray and Colleen’s (I bring the children over there and Colleen watches them while I teach my flute lessons) and everyone else had pizza (pretty much Nate’s favorite food). Poor Nate didn’t understand why I wouldn’t let him have any; instead he had a GFCF waffle, baby food fruit (he still eats these), and popcorn. He got over the pizza thing once we put it away and everyone was done.

It’s interesting that he has been asking for cookies and crackers all day and then rrrreally wanted the pizza tonight. That seems to confirm the idea that his body is addicted to those things.

We will continue doing the enzymes with Nate, but since we’ll be doing the diet too, I won’t have to be so strict about enzymes with every bite he eats. I’m wondering if it might also work the other way around–that I might not have to be so strict with the diet since he’s using enzymes. I’ll have to ask about that.

Here are some sites I’ve found helpful in this very new venture:
Information on flour alternatives – what each kind of flour is good for, substitutes to use for gluten (which is needed to make foods stay together and have a good texture)

Recipes and meal planning ideas – the chicken fingers look good.

Yummy cookie recipe – this blog has several good-looking recipes, many GFCF.

I’ll add more as I find them. 🙂

12/3/07 Wow, this girl has a lot of great information (includes casein-free too):Cooking & Baking Gluten-Free: Tips from a Gluten-Free Goddess

2008 update
I often find myself on the “unacceptable” list on It has helped the most!

I am so glad we are doing this diet and find that, in some ways, it is easier than doing enzymes. (We are still doing enzymes, too.) If someone else watches Nate or we go somewhere, I don’t have to worry about instructing on giving enzymes; I can just send appropriate food along with him.