Diet update

I was just reading through old posts and found the one about starting Nate on the GFCF diet. I wrote about how he had a meltdown when everyone else had pizza and he couldn’t have any. That got me thinking about how extremely well he is doing with the diet now but that I haven’t written about it here. When Nate wants to eat something in particular, but I say, “I’m sorry, but you can’t have that. It has gluten [and/or casein] in it,” he now responds by saying, “Gluten casein hurt the tummy.” Then he moves on, not begging for the food or getting upset that he can’t have it. If we are out and Lucy has pizza, he simply points out that it is Lucy’s pizza, but he doesn’t ask for any. He is starting to recognize which common items, like breads, crackers, and cookies, have gluten. It is so nice that he has become so compliant and go-with-the-flow in this area. I think part of it is that all the gluten and casein (and soy) are out of his system, so 1) his body doesn’t have those addictions anymore and 2) he forgets what the foods taste like (and that he loved them so much).

This diet has been the best change we could have made for Nate.