Our current treatment plan

Since every child on the spectrum is different, this supplementation plan might only be best for Nate. I’m writing it down for myself to keep track.


Enzymes (we just switched from Zyme Prime and Peptizyde to TriEnza, which contains ZP and Pep in addition to No-Fenol. No-Fenol helps with some fruits and vegetables, and I wanted to add it in because Nate eats a lot of ketchup). With every breakfast and dinner (and would be lunch but I don’t send them to school).


GFCFSF diet (i.e., gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free). Still the best change we have made for Nate.


Methyl-B12 injections (one shot every three days). These are easy to give now. Nate loves his reward (10 Starburst brand jelly beans, which are gfcfsf–Jelly Belly brand isn’t GF).


Dimethylglycine (DMG). Part of methylation. We’ve been using a liquid form from Kirkman, but I’m getting some good-tasting chewables next. With breakfast and dinner and might start sending to school for lunch.


Taurine. Part of methylation. Once a day (breakfast).


CoEnzyme Q10. The ones we’ve gotten taste good, so Nate loves taking these. They help with energy production and (I think) immunity. 2 chewables each at breakfast and dinner.


Multi-vitamin. We’ve been using Kirkman’s basic chewables, but for my next group order (ordering as part of a group gets a discount), I’m going to get a more specialized vitamin.


Probiotics. Nate’s DAN! doc likes Klaire Labs, so I got these. Once a day.


Liquid calcium. To offset the reduction in calcium from the diet. Once a day.


Melatonin. This has been a blessing. We started giving a 1mg “sublingual” (supposed to let it melt in your mouth) to Nate a half hour before bed time after his last DAN! appointment, and we’ve worked up to 3mg (mostly because he loves the taste). This has helped him fall asleep at a much more reasonable time–almost always before 9:00 now, and usually within about a half hour of taking the melatonin. It had gotten to be close to 10:00 many nights, with him still waking during the night and often waking for good at 5:00 or 5:30 a.m.


What we’re adding next:


Folinic acid. This is also part of methylation, and I should have added it in already. I always hate the possibility of the hyperactivity side effect! Some of Nate’s sleep problems started when we began all of the supplements with this side effect.


Liquid carnosine. Another hyperactivity possibility, but reports are really positive about the language and social development this supplement seems to foster.




Fish oil. We used to give cod liver oil, but I didn’t stick with it. I will probably order some fish oil and cod liver oil this month.