One step back, two steps forward

Jon and I have noticed an interesting trend: when we stop a certain treatment (or all treatments) for Nate for a short period, he has a major regression, but when we start everything back up again, he jumps forward amazingly! (It’s kind of like one step back, two steps forward.) We have never intentionally stopped treatments, but things happen (shipments get delayed or backordered, or a diet infraction occurs, etc.). I can think of two of these events off the top of my head, but I know there have been others:

  1. Way back when we were only doing enzymes (not diet, no other supplements), I ran out of both kinds, and they were backordered on the website I order them from. In in the interim, I went to a local health food store and got some enzymes, but they were not high quality and had such a low concentration of enzymes that it was essentially like giving Nate nothing. In that week, he started whining/fussing/crying all day like he used to and had many more meltdowns and tantrums. At that point, he really didn’t have much language anyway, so he didn’t lose much in that area. When the correct enzymes finally arrived, I started Nate back on them full force. Within a day to two days, he was back to being happy and bright-eyed. And he started saying words, including “hi” and “bye bye” for the first time ever, unprompted.
  2. The second example occurred this past month. Nate got a stomach bug and high fever on Thursday, June 19. He couldn’t keep anything down, so I did not give him any of his vitamins, supplements, or enzymes (total of about eight separate items right now) all of Thursday, Friday, and some of Saturday. Even after his fever broke and he was eating a bit, he was whiny and cried most of the day for no reason, not really using words much of the day. He got many of his vits/supps on Saturday, and I started everything back up on Sunday (including his melatonin). Sunday night, he slept through the night. This is very, very rare. Monday night, he slept through the night. I can’t remember two nights in a row of sleeping through the night in months. Tuesday night, he slept through the night. Wednesday night, he did wake early in the morning and come down to our bed, but he did it quietly (in the past months, when he wakes, it is with loud crying, and Jon has to go get him). So, in the past week of nights, he has slept through the night many nights and only cried one time. That is monumental for him. We are all getting more sleep!

It is encouraging to figure out that the things we’re doing for him are working. His jumps forward might also indicate that he would do well with higher doses of certain things, but I don’t know if our family wallet can manage that right now. 🙂