2009 Update

Nate is such an amazing little boy. He is now more verbal than many of his neurotypical peers. He has been able to read for several months now (self taught). He loves other kids and enthusiastically greets everyone by name (he has an amazing memory, especially with names). He courageously endures all of his treatments, including yucky tasting daily supplements, b12 shots every 3 days, and a restrictive GFCFSF diet. He is so joyful, energetic, smart, and sweet. He has a new little brother, Levi, who is 4 months old now; Nate has been nothing but sweet to him since day one.

We had an appointment with Dr. Mumper at Rimland Center last month. We went through Nate’s current supplement routine, adding a few new elements (magnesium each day to help with his auditory sensitivity/defensiveness; we reinstated cod liver oil to decrease visual stimming/using peripheral vision; we also reinstated probiotics, especially for if/when he goes on antibiotics; glutathione lotion, which has myriad benefits; and a 10-day course of two strong antibiotics to nip some possible clostridia in the bud). Dr. Mumper also recommended we take Nate back to the neurologist who originally diagnosed him two years ago, because she believed Nate would no longer qualify for the diagnosis! I have made an appointment with the neurologist for the end of this month; from what I know of her, she would be very reluctant to remove a diagnosis from a child, but Nate would still score much lower on the CARS test he originally took.  (His score in March 2007 was 43.5, which placed him in the “moderately autistic range.”)

When Dr. Mumper asked us what one treatment we believe has helped Nate the most, Jon and I agreed it is the GFCFSF diet.

Nate’s next IEP is in April. I’m very interested to hear the things his teachers will say about him, since they will have had a year with him. We are optimistic about Nate being mainstreamed by kindergarten (which will be September 2010), as I can already see Nate starting to bring home more negative than positive behaviors from his peers at school. We love this amazing boy!

P.S. After reading some of my older posts, I realized I should also update that Nate is now a good sleeper. He goes to bed at 8:00 (usually plays in his room, but then turns out his light and is in bed by 9:00) and almost always sleeps until 6:00 or a bit later. Waking/needing one of us at night is rare for him now–and it has been for probably 5 or 6 months.