2011 Update

Nate is now a 6-year-old, thriving boy. As he approached his 5th birthday, we had our last IEP with the school district, where they had great things to say about him and recommended full mainstreaming for kindergarten. We said goodbye to special education, and we haven’t looked back! Nate went to kinder at a small private school with no aids or services and loved it!

We are still going strong on the GFCFSF diet and have put Nate’s brother and sister on the diet, too. (In fact, Levi, who is almost 3, has been on the diet since he began eating solid foods!) We see such positive results from this change alone. We do still follow many of the other treatments we started several years ago: probiotics (right now we use HMF Powder by Genestra), fish oil, folinic acid, zinc, l-taurine, DMG, and we just phased out mb12 shots.

Nate is super smart and sweet, is a good singer, is great at memorizing, loves to read. He is well ahead of his peers academically.

His struggles include a strong desire to always be first (and not let others go first) and overreaction to consequences (for example: if I tell him he must stay in his room for a time out for a certain amount of time, he almost can’t handle the confinement and will just fall apart. Or if I say he needs to stop talking and say no more words–perhaps if he was fighting or yelling in the car–he flips out as if not being able to say the next word is going to kill him). And, while he adores babies and also loves being with older kids, he sometimes has trouble with kids his own age. He always wants to be in charge, and so he often butts heads with other kids who have strong personalities too.

I am so thankful for our son. I will keep updating this blog in the hope that it might help someone else! 🙂