A day in the life: what our daily eating looks like

Sometimes, I don’t want to read about philosophies and lofty ideas; I want the nitty gritty. I want someone (whom I trust, who researches like I do) just to tell me what to do. And sometimes it’s nice to look into the practical side of someone else’s life. So here is what a typical day of eating looks like for us. After today, I will post recipes and explanations for each meal.


During the school year, breakfast is all about efficiency and a nutritional “bang for our buck.” Here’s what I do most days:

8-9 scrambled eggs (Nate and Levi)

2 sausage patties (Nate and Lucy)

2 servings of pre-soaked oatmeal with butter, cinnamon, and raw honey (Lucy and Levi)


My kids rush through lunch at school (because they want to get to recess), so lunch is all about good foods I know they’ll actually eat. I like to include a hardy protein (+ fat), a fruit or vegetable I know they’ll actually eat, and a “treat.” Here are some foods that regularly make it into the rotation:

hardboiled eggs or leftover meat

hardy soup in a thermos

vegetables and hummus

apple, orange, or banana

treats: energy ball recipe, plantain chips, homemade cookies, buttermints, homemade coconut flour bread or waffle


While breakfast is about efficiency and lunch is about taste, dinner is more about variety. That means I don’t have a “typical” dinner that we eat, but here are the meals that I make at least once every two weeks:

lettuce-wrap tacos


spicy honey chicken, sweet potato rounds, cucumber salad

oven-roasted chicken (then use the picked bones for broth), salad

Over the next few days, I’ll go meal by meal and give some details and recipes. Have a great Monday!

This post is part of the 31 Days writing challenge, during which I’m detailing our family’s journey through autism as it relates to the one lifestyle change we made that had the greatest impact on our son’s recovery: nutrition. Click here for a list of all this month’s entries as they are posted.

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