Our before-school morning routine

Weekday mornings are always a bit of a rush, but there are a few things I make sure to do every day to help ensure our kids have a successful day. By successful day, I mean avoiding sickness as much as possible, being kind to others and respectful to teachers, paying attention in class, and staying calm and anxiety-free.

– probiotics and cod liver oil: the kids line up before breakfast to get their dose of high-quality probiotics (we use this one) and spoonful of cod liver oil (here is ours). Probiotics help populate the gut with beneficial bacteria and are a natural immunity booster. Cod liver oil is excellent for brain health, focus, and overall nutrition.

– nourishing hot breakfast: I want to fill the kids’ bellies with a nourishing, good-fat-filled, protein-rich breakfast. Here is what I typically make.

– essential oils: while they’re eating breakfast (or sometimes afterward if I’m busy), I put various EOs on the backs of the kids’ necks and/or behind their ears. Comment with your email and I will give you all the details!