Eating well when eating out


It’s certainly possible to dine out and eat well, and there are many posts that already exist on this topic! Here are a couple:

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Cooking at home will almost always be more nutritious than dining out, of course. And yes, we want to be prepared with quick-to-make and easy-to-prepare nutritious meals in our pantries at home. But sometimes we just have to eat out! When those times occur, I think it’s mostly about common sense and grace. Use our common sense when looking at a menu or asking about ingredients, and then stick to the most whole-foods options we see. Then have some grace on ourselves when we have to choose something less than ideal.

For our family, there are a few places we go regularly. Chipotle is one of my favorites! For the kids, we get a salad (the boys have their lettuce pushed to the side because they don’t like everything mixed together) with carnitas and guacamole, no dressing. Lucy also gets the pico de gallo on hers. I love that Chipotle lists all their ingredients on their website, including GMOs (which their tortilla chips do contain). We also eat at Chick-Fil-A. The kids get the grilled nuggets and a small fry (a treat!). Finally, In-n-Out gets a large chunk of our eating-out money. The kids get either plain meat patties (the boys) or a hamburger protein-style with grilled onions and tomatoes only (Lucy), plus they share one order of fries. Are these choices the absolute best? No. But they are much better than what we used to do. Also, when we do go to a sit-down restaurant with the kids (which is rare), we can usually find a few things to order: plain hamburger patties (check there is nothing added to the hamburger and ask it be cooked with no extras besides salt and pepper), plain steak, side of avocado, side of steamed vegetables, etc.

It’s certainly possible to stick to nutritious eating when you go out. I often find, though, that the price tag for the kinds of foods I want to order for the kids dissuades us from eating out as much as we used to!

This post is part of the 31 Days writing challenge, during which I’m detailing our family’s journey through autism as it relates to the one lifestyle change we made that had the greatest impact on our son’s recovery: nutrition. Click here for a list of all this month’s entries as they are posted.