Review: Morrocco Method natural shampoos and my detox experience

I’ve been into natural nutrition, natural healthcare, and general “chemical-free living” for a long time. But I have never made the jump to truly natural hair care, even after I learned about the various methods of doing that. I just didn’t want to go through the dreaded detox period.

But I finally decided to bite the bullet and go for it as we neared the summer. I already knew exactly what I wanted to do, as I had heard about Morrocco Method (MM) at least a year earlier and had researched it online quite a bit.

I bought the Healthy Hair Starter Package, which contains all of the shampoos, two conditioners, styling gel, detox clay mask, and a few more items. I also bought a pure boar bristle brush, which is important for properly brushing the nourishing oils from the scalp out through the rest of the hair. (Even in the middle of detox, I found that my hair no longer really tangles, even when wet, and I don’t need conditioner.)

The basic idea of MM is to use no chemicals on your hair or scalp, only natural/raw ingredients. This means you won’t be stripping your hair of its natural oils and conditioners, which we do every time we use regular shampoos. This also means that you’ll go through an adjustment period after you stop using regular shampoos. Your body is still used to overproducing its oils to try to keep up with how much you strip them. Once your body adjusts to the MM way of doing things, the oil production will level out, and you should be able to wash your hair every few days with MM.


Here’s me on the day of my last “regular” shampoo (I’d been using either L’Oreal Sulfate-Free EverPure or Renpure Biotin and Collagen Shampoo, every other day):



My hair is thin, fine, soft, and pretty flat. It’s relatively dry from having done highlights for a number of years, but I haven’t gotten it highlighted for over a year now. I was used to washing it every other day, but it would be relatively greasy that second day. It tangles like crazy when wet.


The detox was what I was most worried about and what I could find the least information on when I searched online. Plenty of people have pictures of their beautiful “after” hair, but what about the “during”? All of the pictures below are when my hair is fully dry.


I stocked up on hair wraps and other accessories (this one’s from Walmart), which I’ve never worn before but are in style enough right now to be available everywhere. I also got these awesome spin pins, which I use almost every day now!

After a few days

The greasiness has definitely started. There are a LOT of flakes. These pics were after my first boar-bristle brushing.



One week in

Showing me using the Zen Detox hair & scalp therapy and what my hair looked like after (P.S. I figured out not to use the shower cap with the zen detox; it was keeping the moisture in when I didn’t want it to do that):



Two weeks in

My fully dry hair still looks wet. I cannot wear it down at all. Feels greasy and matted, especially in the back. I am losing an alarming amount of hair–like every time I brush, I’m removing as much hair from the brush as I feel I usually did in a week.


Three weeks in

On the day of my June 21 blunt-cut trim; my hair feels super matted and even sticky.



but I’m getting plenty of use out of all those wraps I bought. 🙂 This one is also from Walmart:


One month in

When reading reviews of the MM shampoos yesterday, I came across someone who said she needed to use more than the prescribed amount. I naturally skimp on quantities when I use products (part of me feels it’s frugal, and part of me doesn’t even think about it–I just use less). But this morning when I washed, I did the normal dime-sized amount for the first wash and then used a full heaping tablespoon of the shampoo (mixed in a glass jar with a couple of tablespoons of water) for the second wash, and I think it made quite a difference. My hair is still greasy but feels a lot better. Mayyyybe I’m rounding the detox corner.




Five weeks in

I still feel like things are getting gradually better, especially in the front of my hair, but the back still feels greasy every day and is the reason I can’t wear my hair down yet. I’m still finding a BUNCH of hair in my brush every day. You can see in the second picture below that it definitely looks thinner. All I’ve read, though, tells me that new growth will occur. I’m willing to be patient.




Six weeks in

I think the worst is officially over–especially if I look back at the pictures from week two! But the back of my hair is still greasy, and I’m still wearing it up. I’m still doing the boar bristle brushing morning and night, and I feel like that’s really helping to condition my hair on the bottom half, which would tend toward dryness. The scalp/top is still greasy.

I bought the MM light blond henna after reading up on it and am excited to try it! I read it can dry things out a bit, which I think will actually be GOOD for my greasy scalp. I also read it just picks up on natural highlights and doesn’t really drastically change your hair color.

Day before henna hair dye:



After henna hair dye: the color doesn’t look MUCH changed, but I expected that. I do think it picks up a bit of the natural highlights I have. BUT what’s better is my hair feels soft and much less greasy, especially in the back. I may just be able to wear it down today!IMG_0655.JPG

oh my… I am not pregnant in the next picture FYI!IMG_0654.JPG


I’m not ready to say I’m finished with the detox process, because I’m still losing hair each day and am hoping to be able to wear it down consistently, but I feel pretty good about my hair overall and am glad I’ve made the switch to MM! I’ll update this post with more progress pictures.

UPDATE from 9/13/16:

UPDATE from 3/3/17:

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